Making Money Online with myLot - Review

For the past 3 months I've been reading a lot of blogs on how to make money online because I have no job and I am very hungry to know all the tips and guidance I could get. One time I read a blog about making money while posting and commenting to other discussions. Since I love participating to forums because it gives me knowledge to almost everything I became really interested about it. So I checked out the website which is and I notice right away that I have $0.01 earning for signing up. I read myLot guidelines and TOS to know what the do's and dont's.

myLotAfter reading I begun to post my first discussion which until now no one respond so I tried posting 2 more discussion and guess what???? no response! lol. I started to think a topic that all the myLotter's can relate to, guess what???? I finally have someone to respond in my discussion which is very overwhelming for me. After series of posts and responses I took a day off, I go to bed and sleep. I've waited 2 days to see how much earnings I made, I was surprised and happy to see that I have $0.19 I only need $9.81 left to transfer it to my paypal account because $10 is the minimum transfer amount. Right now I want to continue my myLot journey not because of the earnings I've made but because I enjoy learning and sharing thoughts. If you want to join myLot go to Enjoy!