How to speed up Mozilla Firefox to surf web faster - Review

Mozilla FirefoxLike me I know there are a lot of web surfers use Mozilla Firefox that want's to speed up their internet browsing experience. Well guess what I just found a great way for that. Mozilla Firefox has internal database called SQLite which all your data are stored in such as bookmarks and passwords. Like any other databases SQLite databases become fragmented over time and empty spaces appear all around that can result to poor web surfing performance. So what you need to do is to defrag your Mozilla Firefox SQLite database.

To defrag Mozilla Firefox SQLite Database follow this steps:
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Click Tools in the menu bar.
Mozilla Firefox Menu

     3.  Select Error Console or "Ctrl+Shift+J".
     4.  Paste this highlighted code in the code text box:
Mozilla Firefox Error Console

     5.  Click Evaluate. All the UI will freeze for a few seconds while databases are VACUUMed

And your done!