The New Challenge - PR 3 isn't enough

So after getting PR 3 then next thing to do is to maintain the Page Rank or increase it. Most bloggers are stuck with PR 2-3 and I think that will also become my problem. Just recently I got a comment from EdZee  telling me that we're on the same situation right now which is very true. But I think it will become more harder for me to increase my Page Rank because having a full time job takes a lot of my blogging time. I'm sure you can see that I posts more than 10 articles in 2009 and in 2010 I can barely rich 7 articles a month which is very bad if you want to increase your Page Rank.

Button Effect for Text Links

I just implement this technique on my blog, maybe some of you already have noticed that when you click a link in this blog it will give you an effect like you press it, just like pressing a real button or a "bump down". Actually I read this in Chris Coyier blog CSS-Tricks, and after reading I said why not implement this one?. I loved the effect maybe my blog readers will also loved this one and hopefully it can encourage more clicks ;-).

How to get more Twitter Followers?

TwitterTwitter is a great source of free traffic and most bloggers are eying for more twitter followers. So a lot of people are asking me on how did I get 500+ twitter followers. Actually getting 500+ twitter followers is so easy when you have a great blog posts, just look at the followers of most successful bloggers out there. I was actually surprise that some think that I have good numbers of twitter follower but compared to them I'm nothing.