The New Challenge - PR 3 isn't enough

So after getting PR 3 then next thing to do is to maintain the Page Rank or increase it. Most bloggers are stuck with PR 2-3 and I think that will also become my problem. Just recently I got a comment from EdZee  telling me that we're on the same situation right now which is very true. But I think it will become more harder for me to increase my Page Rank because having a full time job takes a lot of my blogging time. I'm sure you can see that I posts more than 10 articles in 2009 and in 2010 I can barely rich 7 articles a month which is very bad if you want to increase your Page Rank.

My quest to get a higher Page Rank or at least maintain it starts today, I will work extra hard for this one because I believed that sooner I will achieved what I want.

Things to do:
  1. Publish more articles or at least 10 a month.
  2. Never forget what I did before to get PR 3
  3. Find more blog/website directories and submit URL.
  4. Build more backlinks.
  5. Take experts advice and learn from them.
  6. Build more traffic.
*If you have anything in mind to help me on this one please share it to us.