How to get more Twitter Followers?

TwitterTwitter is a great source of free traffic and most bloggers are eying for more twitter followers. So a lot of people are asking me on how did I get 500+ twitter followers. Actually getting 500+ twitter followers is so easy when you have a great blog posts, just look at the followers of most successful bloggers out there. I was actually surprise that some think that I have good numbers of twitter follower but compared to them I'm nothing.

Honestly I think 80% of my twitter followers doesn't really follow me because they really have interest in my tweets but rather that's what happen when you follow them first. If you follow people in twitter you will have a 70% chance of them following you back. And the thing is I do follow them manually and it takes some time but I don't care, because twitter can really helps drive traffic in my blog. If I'm not mistaken I think twitter will only allow you to follow 1,000 people in a single day that means you can gain 1,000 followers too in a single day if your going to use this technique.

But if you don't want any hassle adding people you can use this tool TweetAdder, It's so powerful but it will cost you some money.