Unusual Way to Get Free Blog Traffic

TrafficAn idea pop-up into my mind just a month ago on how I can get a free blog traffic, I kinda think that it's unusual because I have read a lot of articles on how to get free traffic but I never saw this one. So put it to a test to see if it's going to work. Since it requires effort and time, I allotted most of my time to get this job done. And after a few weeks I was surprised with the result of it because it's a major success for me.

What I really did was to go to computer rental shop, rent a computer for 30 minutes and change the internet browsers option and put my blog's URL in the starting page or homepage of the browsers, so whenever a new user will open the internet browser it will automatically go to my blog's URL. Now I really don't it's illegal specially here in my country so no need to worry. After I successfully done that I'll talk to the computer shop manager and ask him/her if I can transfer to another PC for some reason, then I'll do my dirty job again and again.

After I'm done with one computer rental shop, I'll go to my another computer rental shop target and do it again and again and again. As I remember I visited 8 computer rental shop with 10-20 PC's and I infected almost 80% of PC's. My dirty work doesn't stop there, even my friends and relatives didn't saw this one coming. No, I'm just kidding I actually have their consent before I do it. It's only a little favor so most of the time they will let you do it.

The not so good thing about this is anytime the computer shop manager or any users can also modify the internet browser setting and you can't do anything about it. Just hope for the best to happen.

To do this in Mozilla Firefox browser, click Tools -> Options -> Main -> put your URL in the homepage -> click OK. These steps is almost applicable with all internet browsers but not as exactly as in Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Tools

Mozilla Firefox Tools Options