How to Increase Blog Loading Speed

Well since the issue of Page Speed becoming a PR factor started, I have been keeping an eye on my blog's loading speed. I think my blog's just load on a average speed, not so slow and not so fast, so I'm still doing some stuff to try to make it load more faster. PR is still a PR that is very important in the Blogosphere, so doing this might benefit your blog's Page Ranking in the near future and most importantly it will benefit your visitors and readers.

I know some bloggers who doubted Google's Page Ranking System because of the fact that other blog's has higher PR than they have, "Pathetic!" take this blog for example, when I found out that Google granted this blog a PR3 in just 3 months, I post it right away in a forum and I receive lots of replies. Some congratulates while some questioned Google Page Ranking System. If they think they know how to rank a website/blog or if they think they can do a better Page Ranking System, why don't they create their very own search engine?. ^-^

How to Increase Blog Loading Speed?
  1. Do not display too many blog post on your Home Page.
  2. Reduce Image size.
  3. Remove unnecessary Third Party Script.
  4. Do not display too many Ads.
  5. Use Google Webmaster Tools Page Speed.


It's not just the 5 listed above are the things you need to do in order for your blog to load faster. Using Google Webmaster Tools Page Speed will give you the list of everything you need to do to increase your website/blog loading speed. If your using blogger a.k.a. blogspot as a blogging tool you might find numbers 1-4 very helpful.