How to Submit Sitemap to via Ping

Ask LogoAsk is one of the top search engine that is used today. Founded as Ask Jeeves in 1996 and renamed in February 2005, is recognized for innovation in search technology and search interface design. Most of its users comes from USA so I decided to submit my blog's URL to but I found it a little bit hard because in order for to crawl your page you have to submit the sitemap file directly to via the ping URL. However sitemap submissions do not guarantee the indexing of URLs. It's better to try though. supports the open-format Sitemaps protocol. To learn more about the protocol, please visit the Sitemaps web site at The sitemap your going to submit should be an xml file: http://www.YOUR_SITEMAP_URL.xml

How do I make a .xml sitemap?

Since I'm using blogger a.k.a. blogspot the problem that I encountered was "How to generate blogger a.k.a. blogspot sitemap?". I never use anything to generate my blog's sitemap since I can't upload any file in the root directory of my blog. In order to make my sitemap, well I did not actually make it I used my atom feed as my sitemap. Because requires a sitemap that is xml file. Every blogger a.k.a. blogspot blog has an atom feed and it is an xml file, To view it type http://YOUR_BLOG's_URL/atom.xml In my this blog it's

How do I submit the sitemap via ping?

Next thing to do is to submit the sitemap via ping to To do this simply copy this URL's_URL/atom.xml
In my this blog it's After a success submission you should see this image below.

Ask Submission Success