Adding Blog Language Translator

Country FlagsBefore proceeding to the tutorial make sure you know the benefit of blog language translator.

I've known Google Translate for a long time, I used it when I took up my Nihongo and Spanish class back in my college days. I find it very helpful specially for my projects. The translation is pretty accurate but it's not perfect, it still has some glitch. What I liked about Google Translate is that it supports all languages and you can translate sentence by sentence not words by words which useful for students.

Google Translate Logo

Anyway, I decided to make Google Translate as my blog language translator because of the things I've mentioned above. Fortunately for me Adding Google Translate is a pretty easy job. It took me 15 seconds to make the job done.

Google Translate

First thing to do visit Google Translate and then click Tools and Resources and follow the 3 steps:
  1. Select the language of your Blog or Website
  2. Select translation language (Select all language or choose specific language).
  3. Copy the code.
Next is to log in to your account -> Layout -> Page Elements -> Add a Gadget -> HTML/Javascript -> then paste the code and your done. I also found out the Unofficial Google Translator Blog for more language translator widget. After you have a Language translator your ready to submit your Blog's URL to