Do Follow can Increase your Post Comments

dofollow nofollowA good proof that a blog produces a great content and a good traffic is by looking how many comments blog has per post. If your getting a minimum of 10-20 comments per posts then that means a lot of readers are attached to your great articles. But if your getting a maximum of 3 comments or nothing at all, this might leave an impression to your other visitors that your posts has non sense or not helpful at all.

A blog posts comment form is made for readers and writers to interact but you won't get all the comment you want especially when "nofollow" anchor tag attribute is applied in your comment form.

The reason why most comment form has a "nofollow" anchor tag attribute is because of spam comments, Spammers take advantage of this to build page rank in search enginges. A great way to discourage spammers to stop spamming your comment forms is by adding a "nofollow" anchor tag attribute. For more information about this I've made a post of techniques on how to get rid of spam comments.

You have to think that other bloggers also tried to improve their page rank too and one way to do that is to spread their links by commenting to other blog posts. For new blogs it's best when "dofollow" is your choice since your starting to build your blog's reputation this might attract your readers to comment on your posts.