How do you get motivated writing blog post?

writing manAs a blogger I can honestly say that sometimes writing post can be hard especially when your mind is completely burned-out or mentally exhausted. Normally I can post 2-5 quality articles per day but when I'm experiencing burnouts It can take me 3-5 days just to write one. Studies said that if your frequently experiencing burn-outs you might eventually diminished your interests or completely lose it. I would never want that to happen to me, blogging is my life so every time I want to write I'll make sure that I'm well motivated.

I know some bloggers turns their back to blogosphere for the same reason while some have their own. Before, I thought when you fall in love doing something you can't get enough of it. I maybe wrong but I can prove that I am right too.

What's my motivation?
  1. I read other people blog posts - I always told myself that if others can do it, I can also do it. Be optimistic.
  2. I read successful blogging stories - This is related to No.1 and my ultimate goal.
  3. I interact with readers - It's the best way to get motivated because of the feedback's your getting. It might not be always positive but most importantly you'll know what readers think of your posts.
  4. I help others - Most of the time I get an e-mail asking me how did I do things in my blog, This gives me boosts of self motivation to write more and help them.
  5. I ask others help - I don't hesitate to ask other bloggers questions through forums, twitter or personal e-mails. I get motivated to all the suggestions and answers I get.
  6. I interact with pro-bloggers - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man" In my case it's better to learn from them because they know more than I know and hopefully become the man. Related to No.5
  7. I ask friends and family members comments - This is the most honest comments I can ever get and most of the time I get encouragement from them.
  8. I track my blog's traffic - It's a good way to get motivated, I know how many people have interest in reading my blog everyday. (includes: RSS subscriber, Twitter and Google followers, and etc. )
  9. I track my blog's earnings - I couldn't deny the fact that high compensation is also great way to get motivated.
  10. I pray every night - Prayer gives a lot of motivation to me mentally and spiritually.


My motivations has no guarantees that it can motivate you as well. We have are own way to get motivated in doing things we loved. I just hope that some of these can help you get motivated in writing your blog post. If you have a different motivation I invite you to share it by commenting below so everyone can see it.