Adding Marquee tag

Marquee tag "<marquee>" is used to make a moving text, image, links and etc. Usually you can see this in the news section of other websites. In my this blog I used this in my featured articles as you can see. The use of marquee tag "<marquee>" can be either good or bad to blog and your design, so I suggest use this tag properly.

Why do I use marquee tag?

Since marquee tag can make something move, it is easier for your readers to notice it and with a proper design it can surely add spice to your blog.

How do I use marquee tag?

Just like the ordinary HTML tag you need to close marquee tag. <marquee>YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee>

Some important marquee tag attribute to use
You can use any or all attributes simultaneously
  • Behavior - values ("scroll", "slide", "alternate")
  • Direction - values ("left", "right", "up", "down")
  • Scrollamount - values (Numbers # "1" being the slowest)
  • Scrolldelay - values (Number between 100 and 1000) quite similar to Scrollamount
<marquee behavior="alternate">
<marquee behavior="slide">
<marquee behavior="scroll">
<marquee direction="left">
<marquee direction="right">
<marquee scrollamount="1">
<marquee scrollamount="5">
<marquee scrollamount="15">
<marquee scrolldelay="100">
<marquee scrolldelay="500">
<marquee scrolldelay="1000">
Remember to use this tag properly. If you have any question hit the comment.