The New Challenge - PR 3 isn't enough

So after getting PR 3 then next thing to do is to maintain the Page Rank or increase it. Most bloggers are stuck with PR 2-3 and I think that will also become my problem. Just recently I got a comment from EdZee  telling me that we're on the same situation right now which is very true. But I think it will become more harder for me to increase my Page Rank because having a full time job takes a lot of my blogging time. I'm sure you can see that I posts more than 10 articles in 2009 and in 2010 I can barely rich 7 articles a month which is very bad if you want to increase your Page Rank.

Button Effect for Text Links

I just implement this technique on my blog, maybe some of you already have noticed that when you click a link in this blog it will give you an effect like you press it, just like pressing a real button or a "bump down". Actually I read this in Chris Coyier blog CSS-Tricks, and after reading I said why not implement this one?. I loved the effect maybe my blog readers will also loved this one and hopefully it can encourage more clicks ;-).

How to get more Twitter Followers?

TwitterTwitter is a great source of free traffic and most bloggers are eying for more twitter followers. So a lot of people are asking me on how did I get 500+ twitter followers. Actually getting 500+ twitter followers is so easy when you have a great blog posts, just look at the followers of most successful bloggers out there. I was actually surprise that some think that I have good numbers of twitter follower but compared to them I'm nothing.

Adding prettySociable - Professional Blogger Tutorial (Part 2)

Pretty SociableI was impressed when I first saw this jQuery plugin run in Mashable.com (but now I think Mashable is not using this anymore) and I never thought that I can implement this on my blogger a.k.a. blogspot blog until I read Divya Sai post on BloggerStop.net. prettySociable make sharing a lot more fun, by dragging and dropping objects. You can see this working in one of my blogs, click here. Try dragging some of the post images and you'll see icons where you can share the post. I'm sure this plugin can attract your readers to share your blog posts.

How to Increase Blog Loading Speed

Well since the issue of Page Speed becoming a PR factor started, I have been keeping an eye on my blog's loading speed. I think my blog's just load on a average speed, not so slow and not so fast, so I'm still doing some stuff to try to make it load more faster. PR is still a PR that is very important in the Blogosphere, so doing this might benefit your blog's Page Ranking in the near future and most importantly it will benefit your visitors and readers.

Will Page Speed become A PR Factor?

SpeedometerRecently I got an email from webpronews about Google might consider page speed a ranking factor in 2010. We all know how Google wants to make the web faster for all of us and it's a great idea to reward those websites or blogs that optimized their page loading time. Who wouldn't want that to happen? It would benefit both the visitors/readers and webmasters/bloggers. For me it's another ball game that I would like to pay attention and play. A video from webpronews, reporter Mike Mcdonald interviewed Google's Matt Cutt's regarding the issue.