Benefits of Blog Language Translator

Having a language translator on your blog can help you increase the numbers of your readers. It gives your readers the ability to translate the language of your blog to their preferred language. As we all know, There are still people who doesn't understand English language. This can be a great idea for your internet marketing campaign. It's like taking it to the next level because your targeting the entire world with a blog translator and that is what we want.

Last night I checked out my Google Analytics and found out that most of my visitors except for my country came from US, India, Canada, Indonesia and UK. So no doubt that they can understand English blogs like this blog.

Country Visit Table

I know the fact that people will not going to waste their time find a way to help them understand a blog that they can't understand. It happens to me, whenever I get to visit other blog that I can't understand I close it right away. A great way to deal with this problem is to spoon feed them, and what I mean by that is to show your visitors right away that you have a language translator. Or another way is to make another blog that has same content but using different language which I think most bloggers wouldn't bother to do. A good example of this is Google search engine. ( for Philippines, for China and for India)


So far for me I didn't get that traffic much because I'm only taking the first step, and I implemented my blog language translator just 4 days ago but the good news is I got more countries to visit my blog. 63 countries is not bad at all. Check out the tutorial on how to add language translator in your blog and how to submit URL to

Country Visit Map
Number of Visits