A Real Drop Shadow Effect for Images

ShadowLast year I posted a tutorial on how to add borders in your post images which kinda gives a drop shadow effect. I used that technique before but now I'm using the real deal. As you can see, my images have a real drop shadow effect. Adding this effect plus your blog's cool design can attract potential readers. It's the new CSS3 feature

The only problem with this is that not all browsers support it, like Internet Explorer 6,7,8 and Opera. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari as far as I know supports the drop shadow effect.

How to add Drop Shadow effect?

To do this first log in to your account -> Layout -> Edit HTML -> Under the Edit Template Box, Find .post img this class refers to all images in all your post.

Next is to add this code:

-moz-box-shadow: #222 4px 4px 10px; /*For Mozilla Firefox*/
-webkit-box-shadow: #222 4px 4px 10px; /*For Safari and Chrome*/

Shadow Code
Then click Save Template and your done. You can change the padding and the color of the shadow as you want.