Making Money Online with Odesk - Review

odeskOdesk is a very good way to make money online. It is very different with other making money online I've blog before. In Odesk you will be working like a normal employee for some individuals or business company at home but you are consider as a freelancer. I tried Odesk and most of the job openings are for IT people doing web designing, programming, SEO, networking and other jobs but there are jobs for customer services, sales, marketing, writing and a lot more. One of the things I like in Odesk is the tests they have. You can choose which test to take anytime and anywhere depending on your choice and after seeing the result you can choose to publish the result, so when you fail a test no one will know. You are going to set also your own salary per hour, let's say for starter and you want a programming job you can set your salary rate for $5 per hour just remember that the competition are very stiff so might want to lower more your salary rate.

Odesk have different payment methods:
  • Odesk Debit Master Card - $2 dollar fees per withdrawal
  • Moneybookers - $1 per fee withdrawal. Exchange rates and bank fees vary widely by country and bank.
  • Paypal - $1 per fee withdrawal. Supported withdrawal methods and fees vary widely by country. 
  • Direct Deposit / ACH - Free payment fee.
  • Wire Transfer - $30 fees per payment. Incoming fees vary by country and bank.