Joomla - Review

JoomlaJoomla is a very powerful CMS (Content Management System) that is use to create website. This is my first love and all time favorite. Joomla is so powerful you can create almost any types of website you need from Blog, E-commerce, Social networks, Banking and etc. It has a nice back-end system or the Administrator Panel but I don't think it's user friendly for other people but since I'm IT graduate I understand all the systems flow of Joomla.

You know me I love all free stuffs and I don't recommend commercial things. I been using Joomla to create my personal website and to create website for my clients. Once you get to experience the power, flexibility and extensibility of Joomla you have a different perspective on how to create and develop websites. Some of the available themes and extensions of Joomla are not free but most are free but like what I've said earlier I don't recommend buying this paid stuff there are more numerous themes and extensions that are free. To summarize this post I have all out praise to almighty Joomla.