Are you the Dumbest Blogger ever?

Dumbest BloggerI have seen many blogs with different design while some use same template and themes. What I observed with some bloggers, they don't care about the design of the blog, they put so many things in their blog, they mixed things up and putting so much advertisement. Well if your doing this things you might drive your visitors away. Here are some great tips for you.

  • Always settle for a bright background color - Don't make your readers feel like reading in a dark area.
  • Don't mix things up - Some blogger maximize the pages of their blog's by putting so many unnecessary things to spice up their blog, as a result you make your blog loading speed slow and you can make your readers confuse.
  • Have a nice decent blog design - Blog's with simple and elegant design rules the blogging world.
  • Do not over use your advertisement - Advertisements are good just don't put so much.
  • Write good content - We all know that content is king so make sure to have a very informative or interesting blog posts.
  • Use only 1-2 text fonts - This is one way to make your blog look elegant.
  • Put an interesting image in your blog posts - If your readers find your image attractive more likely they will read your post.
  • Make your blog's URL as short as possible and  relevant to your niche - So the readers can easily remember your blog's URL.
  • Make sure to interact with your readers - There are a lot things to do this one good example is by putting comment form under your post.