Making Money Online with PTC websites - Review

PTCPTC (Pay to Click) is a way to make money online. PTC websites will pay you to click an advertisement and stay the page for a while. Easy Rght??
Earnings is not much though, let's say some PTC websites offer $0.01 while others offers $0.02 per click and stay. And like other advertising company they also have referral program which means for every person you refer to them you'll get bonus money.

Do I need money to join PTC websites?

No, as far as I know most of the PTC websites is free. You just have to sign-up for an account.

Seems like it's easy to earn money in PTC websites, but how will I ensure that I will get paid?

Some PTC company are proven to be trusted, before signing-up for an account in a PTC websites just follow this simple rules.
  1. Read the FAQ, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  2. Go to the PTC websites forum or any other forums that discuss PTC websites to check user comments.
  3. Check the payment method to make sure you will get paid.
Is there anything you like to add up?

Yes, there is something very important for you to know first. Be careful in choosing what PTC website to join since a lot of people are interested in making easy money online their are people taking advantages of the opportunity. Some PTC are completely scam so choose wisely and earn safely.

PTC websites I recommend:
  1. Neobux 
  2. Clixsense