Styling your blogspot blog (Part4) - Making Blog Wider Review

Making blog wider is very simple if your using blogger as your blogging tool. It only takes a very simple CSS to use. Most of the blogger I know only rely in the free templates blogspot has, so what if your template doesn't fulfill your blog's need or maybe you just want to maximize the space of your blog. Now I'll be teaching you how to make your blog wider but before I start I want you as always to make a back-up of your template which I discuss in the previous post I had styling your blogspot blog part 1. So if anythings goes wrong you can always restore it back to your original template.

The first thing you need to do is to go to "Layout" and click "Edit HTML" tab, now you should see the codes of your blog and then find the #header_wrapper as seen below, you can see the width:896px; that means 
the size of your header is 896px. You can change it to how wide do you want your blog look. For example you want make it 950px you replace this code width:896px; with this code width:950px; 

*Please make sure that you put semi-colon ";" at the end of the code or else an error will occur.

So now we're done with the header we need to change the body and the footer so the width of your blog will be equal. The next thing to do is to find this code. Make sure to put the same width pixels as codeyour header width. Since our header width is 950px we will change #outer-wrapper width value to width:950px;

So we set the #outer-wrapper width to 950px now we need to find this codes #main-wrapper and the #sidebar-wrapper this two codes also have their width value but what's important is when you add their widths is equal to the #outer-wrapper width in this case equal to 950px. So this all depends to you on how long you want your sidebar and main-wrapper to be.

For the finale we need to change the width of your footer, so find #footer and change the width to 950px the code would be width:950px;

That pretty much sums it up. Have fun blogging