Making Money Online with Shareapic - Review

ShareapicLet's make a review on how to make money online with Shareapic. Shareapic is very muck like other free image hosting websites such as Flickr and Photobucket but what differs Shareapic with those free image hosting website is that they share the revenue generated by Shareapic itself with their members.

Reasons to join
  • Upload unlimited pictures
  • No file size restrictions
  • Create unlimited galleries
  • $0.22 CPM or per 1000 picture views
  • You can place Bidvertiser code in your image and gallery pages
  • 30 days payout
  • One click posting to major social networking websites like facebook and myspace.
Earnings vary each month based off the amount of income Shareapic generates from advertising. Once this number is finalized a percentage of that is distributed throughout Shareapic members depending on how many image views they have accrued.
For example, if in month one Shareapic calculates to distribute $1,000 in their members, They will first tally up the total number of image views for that month. Using these two numbers they can determine the respective payouts for each user. If there were a total of 500,000 image views for the month, image views will equate to $0.002 each (1,000 divided by 500,000), or $2 per 1000 image views.

If you're posting lots of pics in forums, MySpace or eBay, you can see how easy it is to earn quite a bit of money!

Currently, all payments are sent via PayPal or various gift card methods Shareapic offer
If you do not have Paypal account click here!

Have fun sharing your photos and make easy money from it.