Increase your PageRank with Backlinks - Review

backlinksBacklinks are links from other website that links to your website. Since my blog is new I tried building Backlinks since the day I start blogging. So right now I have many Backlinks for this blog but it doesn't help me to have a high rank in search engines. The reason behind this is that website or blogs that links to my blog do also have a low rank in search engines. What we need to do is to build a "High Quality Backlinks".

Having a high quality Backlinks is definitely one good way to increase your Page Rank in search engines. What I mean by "High Quality Backlinks" is that websites with a high rank in search engines has a link back to your website. It doesn't matter if you have 1,000 Backlinks what's important is to have a "High Quality Backlinks". Remember this! When you talk about Backlinks "Quality > (greater than) Quantity" and "Quality + (plus) Quantity = (equals) High Page Rank".

So How can you get a High Quality Backlinks?

If your willing to pay to have a "High Quality Backlinks" I will recommend to Linkvana. Here are some of Linkvana's benefits.
  • High quality 1 way backlinks
  • 100% permanent links
  • Healthy PageRank (from PR2 to PR5)
  • 100% Content relative blog links
But for those who doesn't have money to spend I will recommend to contact the website administrator of the website you wish to have Backlinks and try to convince them to give you a link back to your website or you can post in forums and article directories.